21 years ago today, Apple acquired NeXT. I was a systems engineer for NeXT at the time and we were in Scranton, Pennsylvania, introducing new baby Nick to his grandmother. I remember taking the conference call on a pay phone at the Steamtown Railroad Museum… and thinking “Wait, what? We’ve been acquired by who? Apple? They’re the only company going out of business faster than WE are!”

But it worked out OK.

Here’s the actual contract; I was surprised to find this after a quick search.

and the image, prominently featured that day on NeXT’s web site

Topping the tree

Cathy’s away this week so I get to decorate the tree and this year, there’s one thing that definitely belongs at the top.

Grey Cup on the tree

And hey, this post is from MarsEdit. I’ve been hearing about MarsEdit and Micro.blog on the CoreIntution podcast for so long, how could I not try them both out?

Happy to see that [Micro.blog] is up and running for everyone. I’ve been hoping for a way to post things slightly longer than Twitter allows for a while so I’m keen to try this out. Next on the list – MarsEdit