Hayman’s Laws of Air Travel

Hayman’s First Law of Air Travel
All problems in air travel stem from information being communicated poorly.

Hayman’s Second Law of Air Travel
For all combinations of airlines X and Y, there will be somebody who says “Why would you ever fly with X? They’re the worst. I only fly with Y.”

Hayman’s Third Law of Air Travel Which is Actually More of a Guideline, Really
If you don’t miss at least one flight a year, you’re getting to the airport too early.

Hayman’s Fourth Law of Air Travel
When you’re travelling solo, you zoom through the airport like a pro.
When you’re travelling with your family, you somehow forget how things work, drop stuff, get in the wrong line, and make rookie mistakes.

Hayman’s Fifth Law of Air Travel

Get to the airport at least 45 minutes earlier than you normally would if you’re flying an airline you don’t usually fly, since you won’t be able to zip through all your usual shortcuts.

Also why are you flying on THAT airline?

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