Clamdy Canes. Mmmmm.

Here’s a holiday treat. I ordered some of these unusual candy canes for Christmas.

ClamdycanesUnfortunately, my first choice – Mac & Cheese Candy Canes – was (and still is) out of stock, so I had to settle for Clam, Bacon, Pickle and Rotisserie Chicken.

They are delightfully packaged, but you are probably more interested in what they taste like. Well, they taste like clam, bacon, pickle and rotisserie chicken. Some of my family appreciated the fidelity of these flavours, others immediately spit them out (but at least they tried them) and some flat-out refused.

I think a better strategy would be to order a variety, unpackage them and set them out in a bowl and see what happens if people just randomly take one.

My niece took a few to a party and planned on telling people that the clam/bacon/pickle/chicken ones were actually Vanilla, Strawberry, Lime and Root Beer flavours. I need to find out how that worked out.

Note: Archie McPhee sells all sorts of fascinatingly odd products but they won’t ship to Canada! Booooo. I had to have them shipped to a hotel I was staying at in the US. It was a little awkward bringing them back through Canada Customs – I declared that I had some candy, and the border agent said, “Well, did you bring enough for all of us?” I’m glad I didn’t share with them. I need to be able to cross the border in the future.


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