“I have heard your band”

You probably know that I used to be the Chief Centurion of the University of Waterloo Warriors Band (“One of the Bands in Canada”.) We were – and the band remains – a total bunch of goofballs, blowing off steam in a challenging academic program while supporting the Warriors etc etc etc.

Cleaning out the basement recently I came across a long lost box of Warriors Band memorabilia, including the letter below to Kitchener’s CKCO-TV and a reply. Reg Sellner’s response to our request to play the National Anthem for CKCO’s late-night signoff was a gem.



40 years later that still makes me laugh.

2 Replies to ““I have heard your band””

  1. I did just laugh out loud at work. That is a brilliant response. I’m not sure that I’ve ever read anything “drier”.

  2. Dry humour – that was Reg…..thanks Steve – I’ve posted a link to this blog on the FB page “Remembering CKCO-TV” for friends of Reg to read. It’s great that you’ve kept copies of both letters over all these years.

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