Hijinks on the Welland Canal

A couple of ships collided on the Welland Canal last weekend – the waterway that bypasses Niagara Falls, not far from here. The video is definitely not something you see every day.

I wonder what Gordon Lightfoot would have said. Hmm.

The legend lives on
From Ontarians on down
Of the shipping canal they call “Welland”

There’s room, they all cry
For two ships to pass by
If the captains are paying attention

When a load of black coal
Met a ship that was full
Of some windmill parts for Minnesota

And the beeper it beeped
As the other ship creeped
Closer, not changing course one iota

Bystanders, it’s known
Filmed the scene with their phones
As they shouted out, “She’s gonna hit ‘er”

The collision, it showed
Now they’ve got to upload
it to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Sing along if you like! Here’s a karaoke backing track!


People seemed to like this poetry when I tweeted it, even though I’m not going to win too many awards for trying to rhyme “welland” and “attention”. I thought I was pretty hot stuff. I got a dozen likes between facebook and twitter.

And then my son tweeted a video he’d made, something to do with Super Smash Bros, and I totally don’t understand it but his has, so far, 1,983 retweets and 8,295 likes, which I think is more than I’ve got in total in 13 years of using Twitter.

I don’t understand it. But I’m a proud dad.


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