Travel Poetry, or My Trip to Boulder

Sunrise over Toronto

My Trip to Boulder

in which I travel to Boulder and write a poem along the way. The sunrise view from YYZ was pretty nice this morning. That must have inspired me.

Pre-flight breakfast in the lounge
Now, up some coffee, I must scrounge.
Soon, we'll be on board for Denver,
Women, men, or other gender.
I hope it won't be too much coulder
when I finally get to Boulder.

You might call me a desperado,
Jetting off to Colorado. 
Days of indecision! so
I want to get a Vision Pro.

"Steve, why don’t you drive to Buffalo
If you want a Vision Pro.”
I hear you but I’m already going
On this Airbus. (Not a Boeing)
Chatting with some CU students,
(Talking Code, without impudence)
Must check out the Apple Store 
near my hotel. Almost next door. 
My credit card’s already humming
Anticipating what is coming. 

When I get back, you know I’ll mock, say,
Pearson’s “high speed” “moving” walkway.

(awkward change of meter for one stanza)

You know it's a good flight, 
when, up in the skies,
You connect to the Wifi 
in less than three tries.

As we near this poem’s conclusion
We  must report on some confusion
The store did not process my order
Because I came across the border.
You'd ask yourself, don't we have NAFTA?
Its rules apply? Well, they don't hafta.


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