old experiments

The other day my son informed me that the basement family room light turned on at the exact moment someone rang the doorbell.
Now, we have some HomeKit automation in our house – light switches, thermostat, etc – but I know our [doorbell](http://www.ring.com) is not a homekit-enabled doorbell, so that couldn’t possibly be it.

It must have been just one of those weird coincidences.

Maybe an electrical glitch.

Maybe he’s imagining things….

Today I got thinking about another kind of automation.
Is there something I can do so that I can post something once and then it gets automatically submitted to Twitter, Mastodon, Facebook and this blog?
Hmm. I know a lot of people like [IFTTT](http://www.ifttt.com), a web based tool where you can make actions happen when something else happens ….I remember looking at that once … I should log in there and see if there’s something.

So I log in to ifttt for the first time in a long time. And discover this, which has been quietly running away for the past two years:

IFTTT workflow



Oh THAT. I remember now.

That explains it. That long forgotten experiment has been turning our basement lights on whenever the doorbell rings for almost three years, completely unnoticed by everybody.

Well, unnoticed by me.

Thanks for the tip, Nick.

(I’ve deleted it. Thank you for your service, my little forgotten ifttt workflow.)